Probiotics are essential for nourishing our digestive system, where it produce essential nutrients, enzymes and antimicrobial agents, that helps us to achieve digestive health, supports immune system and general health. Probiotics are vital to one’s health , wellness and are found in our top quality Probiotic dietary supplements supplied by Global Suppleceutical Formulations. Global Suppleceutical Formulations (GSF) is one of the leading Probiotic Company in Canada dealing with premium quality probiotic supplements.


  • GSF FLORA: High potency pure probiotic strains (Complete list of Strains)
  • 7AM PROBIOTICS (Download product Guide)
  • Bulk ready to fill premix blends (Complete list of premix blends)


As a premiere probiotics dietary supplements company, we remain committed to the highest standards of quality, service and value. Quality attributes of our product range is listed below.

  • Highest quality potent formulations suitable for regular use
  • Probiotic strains are acid and bile resistant hence effectively colonize in gut
  • Probiotic strains ID test is confirmed by 16S rRNA sequencing method (Health Canada along with FDA accepted)
  • All products are established to have good shelf life period
  • All products are Health Canada Approved


Products are manufactured in Health Canada along with FDA and NSF audited facility and can be supplied in bulk, (as bulk powder,bulk liquid, bulk capsules, bulk sachets) or in a wide variety dosage unit like compressed tablets, capsules, sachets, stick packs, blister cards etc. We can accommodate small and large batch runs. Manufacturing capabilities includes mixing, filling, and formulation development.


Service is an important part of Global Suppleceutical Formulations (GSF). We are responsive, flexible, and open to work closely with you to understand your needs and formulate best solutions that help you grow your business. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed by providing them top quality products and service at an affordable price.

  • New product development
  • Custom formulations and formulary services
  • Contract manufacturing / Private Labeling
  • Custom packaging / Warehousing and distribution.
  • Regulatory/ Technical Documentation services
  • Label branding and design

We take pride in improving the quality of life by providing you the premiere probiotics so that you can enjoy the benefits of live probiotics and stay healthy.

Research and Development

Research and Development is an integral part of the company’s vision and strategy. Our scientists and technicians in the R&D group develop new and improved technologies in order to maintain our competitive edge. We constantly strive hard to improve our products, to find new applications and to discover novel formulations for the benefit of our customers.
We have dedicated team to provide value creation, positioning R & D for challenging developments, new inventions and formulation. Our efficient technology has helped us achieve improved quality of life, higher profitability and environmental sustainability.

Technical Support

Global Suppleceutical Formulations (GSF) will provide you technical support at each stage of product life cycle:

  • Product development
  • Formulary
  • Manufacturing
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Suggested Application
  • Product registration for new market authorization etc.

With our expertise in Probiotics and Nutraceuticals industry we are best positioned to handle your regulatory and technical queries.